As it is prominent and clear that Sri Jagatguru is a seeker of Aadidevi Bhagwati. To give a brief idea about this practice is to understand that the seeker of aadishakti shrimad Bhagwati are in general known as Shakta. Shaktas regard the Goddess as the supreme, ultimate, and eternal reality of all existence, similar to Hinduism’s Brahman idea. She is regarded as the source of all creation, its embodiment, and the force that animates and regulates everything, as well as the ultimate dissolver of all things.The Scriptures that Shakta pursue to conceive are Vedas, Upnishads and Devi-bhagwat purana. The Devi, according to Shaktism, is the source, essence, and substance of all creation. The Devi-Bhagavata Purana, for example, states:

Manifest Divinity, Unmanifest Divinity, and Transcendent Divinity are the three aspects of me. I am Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati, as well as Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati. I am the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon, among other things. I’m all animals and birds, and I’m also an outcast and a thief. I am the low person who has done terrible things and the wonderful one who has done good things. In the guise of Shiva, I am both female and male.

Sri Jagatguru is a practitioner to Tantra (~technique) which is a tradition of Shaktism. Tantra practice is guided by and performed under survilience of Guru and strictly abided by the apprentices. 

Apart from these pious practices Sri Jagatguru has a philanthropic philosophy of empowering and improving the society by changing the life style of evey individual through the knowledge of Sanatan Dharma and spiritual powers that he has attained. Following the same course of social service Sri Jagatguru has initiated prominant organizations with his influence that are helping the society and the mankind with selfless service. 

Taking the charge of this very mission to bring a substantial change in the society Sri Jagatguru is leading the society with his spiritual guidance and regular Influencing speeches and path guidance. 

Jai Sri Jagatguru.

Sri Jagat Guru

Our Mission Statement

  • To present liberally and explore deeply the aspects of Sanatam Dharma.
  • To present the Sanatan-Dharma in a language and manner relevant and conceivable in contemporary World.
  • To reduce the complexities and decriminations, welcome all who seek the Dharma without any exceptions.
  • To honor and continue the traditions of our great scholar ancestors.
  • To awaken the essence of the Sanatan Dharma by instigating humanity, social service and improving social structure.

Vasudaiva Kutambakam

The Sanatana Dharma is an eternal lifestyle that is an ancient and scientific way of life. Come and explore the spiritual world and experience the cosmic form of yourself.


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