In hindu ideology there are three basic aims of human life namely, Dharma(moral), artha(material) and kaam(pleasure). The utmost aim in sanatan belief is Moksha. All of these four aims are collectively known as Purushartha (pursuit). The very believe of reincarnations leads to the urge of getting out of this birth and death cycle and achieving the ultimate aim of human existence that is Moksha or Mukti. Human life is destined to move through this life cycle and administrating through three aims of Dharma, Artha and Kaam and breaking this cycle through disangaging themselves from worldly pleasures and desires to achieve the state of Moksha. There are several scholars and beliefs within Sanatan or HIndu ideology that suggest pursuing different practices to attain the Moksha and all of these are valued equally. One of these ideology is as follows:

जाति नीति कुल गोत्र दूरगं
नाम रूप गुण दोष वर्जितम्।
देश काल विषया तिवर्ति यद्
ब्रह्म तत्त्वमसि भाव यात्मनि॥ २५४ ॥

Caste, creed, family, and ancestry are all irrelevant.
That which is beyond merit and demerit, beyond space, time, and sense-objects, that which is without name and form, that which is beyond merit and demerit, that which is beyond space, time, and sense-objects,
You, God himself, are that; ponder this inside yourself.
Verse 254

— Vivekachudamani,

In abstract there is no single rigid path to moksha in hinduism but many practices and ways. It is completely subject to the choice of person who needs to pursue the path of Moksha.

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